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3D Printing Conceptional Car

2015/3/26 12:12:58


Currently, foreign countries have developed a 3D printing two cars, but a long production cycle, expensive raw materials, and the size is relatively small, Sanya Sihai section 3D printing company developed the concept car, the body all for 3D printing is made using a common chassis design electric drive, it has the following four characteristics:

First, print a large weight, in order to test the material handling capacity of the printer, print the total weight of 500KG, 3D printing is far greater than foreign cars, proved a huge material handling capacity of the printer.

Second, the print speed, print volume 500KG total print time for five days, every day about 100KG of printable material.

Third, you can print any high complexity of modeling, the use of technology to support large-scale water-soluble material, and any complex hollow structure uniform printable, so the body is inside the grid structure to optimize the structural strength.

Fourth, the material strength while maintaining a low cost (15 yuan / KG) of high strength and toughness, the cost is only one tenth of the carbon fiber, and strength can reach half of the carbon fiber.

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