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The company is set Sea High comprehensive integration of mechanical and electrical hardware and software design company, registered address animation base in Sanya, Hainan (Sanya).

The company's predecessor, "Sanya uplift Printing Equipment Co., Ltd." engaged in research related to printing equipment, color theory research synthesis, special mechanical design, electronic control system design, power electronic drive system design, software development, and 3D modeling, virtual reality technology A critical study and so on.

Sea High company utilization of the purpose and technological achievements, the robotic technology and 3D modeling technology together to form a "3D printing" new ways to achieve.

In recent years, research results: "South China Sea islands virtual modeling", "maritime creative Floating City", "Maritime New Phoenix airport", "Sanya Virtual Science and Technology Museum," "industrial robot drive system," and many other projects.

Here are a few representative examples of the company's business.

1  3D virtual scene service

With the development of modern science and technology networks and information, it has been unable to meet the simple 2D planar visual presentation, in order to meet the modern needs of the increasingly high visual effects, 3D virtual scene design emerged. 3D virtual scene design is three Yasi Hai Innovative service company's flagship product, our 3D technology can be heaven, earth, mountains, sea, islands, buildings, plants and other natural landscapes and realistic artificial landscape unfolded.

2  Industrial robot development

We propose a new concept of industrial robots developed for the major ills of ordinary robot - the contradiction between torque and speed to develop a hydraulic automatic transmission mounted on the robot joints, replacing the difficult to produce harmonic reducer, or other forms of fixed speed ratio transmission, while the servo motor and a plunger-type hydraulic transformer design as a whole, a significant increase in torque and speed range of industrial robot.

3  Electromechanical integration equipment

Sea High company advocates electronic machinery and equipment, micro-computer as a central controller for a variety of instruction execution terminal operations, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, AC servo drive, etc., and then driven mechanical equipment for industrial production. The company has also designed a four-color offset press, multi-axis CNC machine tools and other equipment typical mechatronic products.

4  Large 3D printer

3D printing technology in order to promote the development of our country, in order to improve the 3D printing industry chain, Sanya Sea High Innovative mechanical and electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. chief engineer, the chairman Mr. Chen Mingqiao after years of study mechatronics equipment systems, printing machine construction principle, 3D virtual model construction, combined with the knowledge that will eventually construct 3D printers and printing machines principle technical mastery, completed a large-scale 3D printer machine styling design, 3D printing software systems to establish, 3D printing materials management system , and the planning of 3D printing products industry business model.